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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Love Thursday....IMAGE HEAVY POST

Since I haven't hooked my computer up to the internet and uploaded new photos, you'll have to deal with old ones.

That being said, I love my digital camera. I bought it off of ebay shortly after Liam was born...and I'm so glad I did. I've been able to snap some great pictures of Liam over the past year and a half (yes, he turned 18 months on Saturday) and I'm hoping to take many, many, many more.

Love is taking great pictures of your growing son and loving family...

Liam at three months

My husband and son watching Fox News and reading the paper

Liam (7 months) and Dave at a friend's wedding

Fourth of July, 2006

Ready for Tim and Emma's wedding, August 2006

Discovering Shadows...August 2006

Discovering Houseplants...and eating the dirt...September 2006

Fun at the park...September 2006

BUSTED!! Playing in the the cat's food...November 2006

First Birthday...November 2006

Liam the Reindeer..December 2006

BEFORE his THIRD haircut---January 2007 (only 13 months old and three haircuts!!)

AFTER his haircut

Watching the snow...February 2007

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