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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to work....

Tomorrow will be my first day working outside of the home since July 2, 2010 (my last full day at Principal before Brendan was born).

I have worked on many campaigns, for a National PAC, helped to Save a Barn, worked to save the weather beacon and Floppy, along with writing, consulting and being a mom of 4...all of that IS a full time job.

Thank you, Bill, I mean, Senator Anderson, for wanting me to be your clerk, and Jacob for thinking of me.

THANK YOU to Diana Bowman, my awesome mother-in-law, for watching the boys, we couldn't do it without you (I mean, really, 3 in daycare and after school care for Liam??) and my father-in-law, Edd, who will be picking Liam up from the bus. You guys are great.

THANK YOU to my parents, Mike and Sherry Bolton, who always, always, always believed in me and loved me. You guys are the best.

Last but not least, THANK YOU to my wonderful husband David, for supporting my dream to stay home and now to go back to work. I WILL finish the next great American Novel. We may be retired, but I will do it. :) I love you!

It's been 11 years since I worked at the Capitol. Since then, I met my husband, got married, had one child, my husband was deployed and came home, we had 3 more children...and now I'm back at the Capitol.

I kind of feel like "Billy Madison"...."Ohhh, back to school...."