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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Totally Twisted Tuesday...A Republican Living with Lesbians?? OH NO!!

Angela came up with the idea of this entry. We have Love Thursday, Fhoto Friday...Angela said, "What about Totally Twisted Tuesday??" She even gave me the idea for the first post! I told you this was going to be a "family" blog!

So here we go!

As many of you know, my husband, David, is in the Army Reserves and is being deployed to Iraq. In order for me to have some help while he's away, Dave's sister, Angela, has opened her home to David, Liam and I.

We moved in last weekend and David is now in the process of arranging our items. We had a lot of help moving, from my parents, Dave's dad (his mom is currently in Ireland on vacation with her dad), and Angela and Sandy.

Sandy is Angela's partner. Yes. Angela and Sandy are lesbians. I, a Republican, have moved in with two lesbians. While many Republicans are against that "different" lifestyle, I do not oppose it. I don't think they should get married, but if they want to live with one another, the government shouldn't legislate that.

That is one of the reasons my husband is in the Army. To defend our rights to do as we please. Angela and Sandy are two great people, hard workers, educated (a scientist and a chiropractor), strong, wonderful women who contribute to our society. So they love each other, what's wrong with that?

While I'm not going to compare myself to Vice President Cheney at all, I can't help think of the similarities. His daughter, Mary, is a lesbian. This has been brought out many times in the media. So what? He can't control who his daughter loves...what does it matter?

Many people may not understand why I chose to do what I did. But those folks are closed minded. You can't help who you fall in love with. You can't help who they are related to. Granted, you can pick your friends, but why choose to deny to be friends with someone because of who they fall in love with...especially when it doesn't hurt anyone.

So yes, I moved in with lesbians to help me while my husband is serving in Iraq.
And I had a baby out of wedlock. I was an un-married mother for almost a year.
And I breastfeed our toddler.
And we own cloth diapers.
And I write poetry.
And drink flavored coffee.
And I'm still a Republican!!!!

Look out...I just might infect others with my open minded thinking!! OH NO!!


savvy saver said...

owning cloth diapers??? don't get too crazy and actually use them :)

Mrs. Bowman said...

We do use them...only at night...and only when we're doing laundry the next day...which might be more often now that we have a washer/dryer in the house! =)

Auntie B said...

The only comment on this posting was about the cloth diapers?!?!?! Rah What are you thinking??
From your Republican relative.

Mrs. Bowman said...

What do you mean, "what was I thinking"???

I guess I don't understand.