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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Totally Twisted Tuesday...What NOT to Say to an Army Wife...

I recently heard someone say, "We need to pull out of Iraq. Our guys aren't doing anything over there."

Yeah. You DON'T say that to someone whose husband just left to go over there. Not cool. Thankfully, someone did stand up and say, "I don't appreciate your comment."

Everyone is entitled to their opinion...but keep your audience in mind before speaking.

I'm only a week into the deployment and I've already heard too many things that I hope to never hear again...


Do you miss him?

Of course I miss him! He's my husband!

I don't know what I'd do if my husband was away for three days much less 18 months!

I hardly notice if he's gone for three days. He's done months at a time for training. I miss him horribly any time he's gone, but that's the job of an Army wife!

Will you be scared of him when he comes back?

No. Why should I be?

It must be so hard. Isn't it hard?

No, it's easy (note the sarcasam). Yes it's hard. Thanks for reminding me.

Your husband should come back. He has no business being over there.

Hey, thanks for the support, asshat! Just keep in mind that the reason you can say what you feel is because my husband is fighting so you can have that freedom.

And the worst one so far???

It must be hard with your husband leaving you.

No. My husband didn't leave me. He's deployed. There is a BIG difference.

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