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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Christmas Gift to Remember

A few years ago, my dad came across his father's journal from 1902. He (my grandfather) had just turned 31 and my father was 53 years away. (Pausing so you can do the math---yeah. Grandpa was old when Dad was born.)

My dad has talked about getting a blog set up and creating a site where we could post his dad's journal daily. With the help of my friend  Kosmo, we set up the site and I surprised my dad with it on Christmas. I wrote on a piece of paper and wrapped it up in a small box. I made sure it was the last gift opened.

My parents just installed a wireless router, so I had the web page already pulled up. When Dad opened it, he got tears in his eyes. My mom knew about it but my brother didn't. It was a once in a lifetime gift and I'm excited to see how 1902 plays out in my Grandfather's eyes.

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