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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010...What a Year You've Been....

The year started out calmly enough. In January I was expecting baby #3, we were both enjoying our work and life was good.

February brought our ultrasound date. We were having boy #3. Oh my. Another Bowman boy. We had pretty well decided on the name of Finn, but as our tradition, we weren't telling anyone, just in case we wanted to change it.

March came and went. I succeeded at my first crock pot corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day.

April meant Sean turned one (how did that happen?) and we finally paid our Corolla off!

May brought flowers and a new sister in law as David's sister married her partner, Sandy.

June brought birthdays! Dave turned 31 and I turned the big 3-0!

July ushered in fireworks...well, right after the fireworks on July 6 boy #3 was born. Since he was not a blondie (Finn means "fair headed"), Liam picked out Brendan. And Brendan fits him well.

August was a month of healing and getting used to having three boys in the house! And preparing Liam for pre-school, of course!

September brought around a lot of soul searching, praying and calculating. We took a leap of faith and decided for me to stay at home with the boys. This way I can follow my dream of writing AND see all of the milestones that I missed with the first two boys. Plus the money we would save on daycare!

October arrived with a new mission and lots of promise. Mommy's Recess was born! An idea that was created during a playdate now has over 1,000 hits a month! We had a great trick or treating event and were ready for

November brought Thanksgiving, Liam's 5th birthday and more writing jobs! I am loving this work at home gig and can't believe my dreams were coming true!

December meant the end of school, Christmas and checkups for everyone. We had a great holiday with family and friends and are looking forward to 2011. What a crazy and interesting year!

And as far as resolutions go....

Happy New Year!