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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wrapping for my Homies--Part 2--Trick Gifting

Well, we wrapped the pillow pet in the box it came in. He thought he was getting towels...haha. He was surprised to see the pillow pet.

Now on to the story I promised in part one. You know how people trick wrap an item? Like putting a diamond ring in a blender box? My story goes way the early 80's.

When my Maternal Grandparents divorced, my Grandmother had all of my Grandfather's pictures. He had assumed they were gone.

But one Christmas, after Grandma had passed away, Grandpa opened a present. He thought he was getting kitchen items (I can't remember exactly what the box was...crock pot, blender or pots and pans) but he said "Thank you" and gestured for the next person to open their gift.

My mom told Grandpa to open it and see it. He said that it was okay and the next person could open their gift. After more insisting, he opened it.

It was a framed 8x10 him and all of his Navy buddies standing in front of their plane they flew in the South Pacific in World War 2. My mom had found a very small picture of it and had it blow up and framed. My Grandpa started crying, then everyone started crying. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

I was young then,  but I still remember it. My Grandfather is gone now, but not forgotten. He passed away right before Christmas in 1997. I imagine he's having a great time in heaven, with all of his buddies.

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