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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Does Changing Your Facebook Profile Picture End Child Abuse?

Short answer, No. It does not.

A group on Facebook called "Change your profile picture to a cartoon of your childhood to end child abuse" set out to "Change your profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood. The goal?? To not see a human face on Facebook between now and Monday December 6th, 2010. The Reason? To end Child Abuse."

While it's a worthy cause, and it would be great if simply changing a profile picture would end child abuse, sadly it does not. However, I feel that it does serve a purpose. It's getting people talking about it and making people aware of child abuse. It raises awareness. Awareness is the first step. 

Child abuse is a crime. Physical scars will heal but emotional ones do not. Children carry these emotional scars of child abuse well into adulthood. And those are the ones who were allowed to grow into adults. Some children die from abuse. Death at the hands of the parents and caregivers who should love and protect these children. It's horrible. It's wrong. And it does need to end.

Maybe using the word "end" in the group wasn't the best. It would be nice if child abuse could end. But bringing awareness to the issue does help. 

Besides, it is fun to change your profile picture. I didn't know that "Dudley Do Right" was my dad's favorite cartoon from his childhood.  Now I do. I've also learned about my friends favorite cartoon characters. It's nice to see the number of people who support the awareness of the cause. 

Maybe I'm following the crowd. Maybe I enjoy bringing awareness to the issue. But I'll keep Red from "Fraggle Rock" as my profile picture until Monday. 

Besides, she's fun!

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