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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Decemb-uary!

What are you doing this Decemb-uary to make sure 2011 starts out on the right foot?

It's that time of year. The week between Christmas and New Years...that feels like a month. I like to refer to it as Decemb-uary, as it feels like a month in itself. The kids are out of school, there are so many functions you need to attend, the leftovers seem to be piled up in the fridge....and New Years parties are just around the corner.

My goal before 2011? Get my December projects done and start the New Year fresh. My husband has Thursday and Friday off this week and I plan on making a giant "honey-do" list.

I want to set up my new wireless printer so I can get 2011 projects off to a great start.

I'd also like to go through closets and do a clothes/toys purge. I want to take some of the kids clothes to my favorite consignment store Me 'n Mommy To Be and others to Goodwill.

I think if we get rid of some of the clutter, it will help mood, productivity and attitudes.

So, what are you doing in Decemb-uary to get ready for 2011?

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