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Friday, January 7, 2011


Over on Mommy's Recess I posted about how I found Yoda in the place of Baby Jesus and how "fun" it was to find the things my boys do with their toys.

Santa brought the boys "grow in the water" dinosaurs and Grandma gave us a jug to put water in so we were set. Except my 5 year old is OBSESSED about watching them grow. OBSESSED. We grew the T-Rex first and then the Triceratops. I made quite the discovery this morning. Somehow, the T-Rex was put into the jug with the Triceratops. Now, if science has taught me anything, it's that a T-Rex would never fornicate with a Triceratops.

Maybe they're working on a Tricera-Rex. Or maybe my boys are just being boys.

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