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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dreaming About The Barn...No, Really

I've had barn on the brain a lot lately. I learned some interesting history about the barn last night and went to bed thinking about the family and the barn. And then I had the strangest dream.

I was inside the barn, by myself. I wasn't scared, it was dark except for one light bulb hanging from the trusses. Suddenly there were about 5 people in there with me. They were the original barn owners. The parents and 3 children. But they were all older. I couldn't tell by looking at them who the parents were and who the children were, but I could tell by the way they talked to each other and interacted with each other.

Who I believed to be the father, talked all about how he built the barn, during the depression. He explained that he got the steel braces from the old streetcar they were tearing up. He was so proud of the fact that it was still standing all these years later. How another farmer was building a barn just like his a few miles away. How they had to rush their cattle and horses in the barn during a dust storm in May of 1934. 

One of the children climbed up in the barn and found an old metal lunchbox of theirs on one of the beams. They laughed and smiled. They handed me the lunch box and I looked at it and smiled. 

They all stood together hugged each other and smiled. The father looked at me and said, "Tell everyone we thank you."

And then they were gone.

I looked down and the lunchbox I was hanging on to was gone. And I wasn't scared. It was peaceful inside the barn.

And then I woke up.

I wanted to write this all down before I forgot it. I know it may seem a little "too much" to share. But it was my dream. It was interesting. And it's got me more fired up than ever to save the barn. Because it's more than just a barn. It's history.

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Sarah Bowman said...

I thought the May 1934 date stuck out to me. So I googled it. Sure enough, there was a dust storm that would have come across Iowa at that time. Weird.