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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The New Bunkbed

It's been time to get Liam into a "big boy" bed. He's had his toddler bed for two years, and while he loves his "Cars" bed, he's getting too tall for it.

I managed to snap a picture of all of our boys in the Cars bed, just before we moved it out of his room...

 Brendan does not look impressed.

A former co-worker of mine at Principal was looking to sell her bunk bed and I was looking to buy one. Having purchased it sight unseen, I was a little nervous, but I knew my former co-worker wouldn't fib about how nice it was. It is really nice. We got a deal!

Dave and I spent nearly all day setting it up and Liam kept trying to sneak in to see the progress. He was very pleased with the finished product.

 Sean was excited too!
 But this is a problem. Sean, having never climbed a ladder in his life, climbed right up to the top, no fear, no problems. So during the day we have to put the ladder up on the top bunk. We haven't officially moved Sean into Liam's room yet as we want to leave the ladder down at night, in case Liam needs to use the bathroom.

Maybe we'll wait a little bit longer to move Sean in...until he can understand that his bed is the bottom one.

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