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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mommy's Recess

It's been eight years. Eight years since Emma Rittgers and I have found a project we could come together on. We've been friends since the fall of 2002, when I was working for the Republican Party of Iowa and she was at the Treasurer's office. We ended up working on Scavo's campaign together and have been friends since. In the fall of 2004, I was working for Senator Grassley's re-election Campaign and she was working to get President Bush re-elected. While we were both working to get Republicans re-elected to office, and while we'd run into each other at dinners and parades, we rarely had time to hang out.

I've known Emma and her (then) boyfriend Tim longer than I've known my husband. Which tells you that Emma and Tim know some of my ex-boyfriends. But once David (my husband) had the approval of Emma and Tim, I knew he was a keeper.

Almost two years later, they visited us in the hospital to welcome our first son. They were recently engaged, but kept it a secret from us so it wouldn't "steal our thunder". We were engaged a month later.

They were married in August of 2006, David and I married in October of 2006. At that time, Emma was working for Nussle's campaign for Governor and I was the Co-Chair of the Polk County Republican Party. We were involved in their wedding, and they stood up for us (Bridesmaid and Groomsman). When David deployed in 2007, they were always there for me.

When David returned in 2008, we found out we were expecting. Emma was expecting a month after me. Our middle son and her son are only a month apart. After I decided to stay at home with our third child, Emma and I started a play date. Our oldest attends preschool near their home, so I take the middle child and baby to her house once a week to play and visit. We had been sharing tips and recipes and decided that we need to do a blog, for moms by moms.

And that's how Mommy's Recess  came to be. A brain child of two political operatives turned mothers turned bloggers. Check it out. And we'll try to keep the politics to a minimum. :)

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Emma Rittgers said...

Bout time we have something in common. :) We are very fortunate to have you and Dave as our friends. Looking forward to many more projects!