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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bowman Boys First Iowa State Game

Being an Iowa State University Graduate, I always wanted to take my boys to at least one football game. It never really seemed to work out. But this year, we were going. It was Homecoming weekend and I found a great deal on tickets that included a hotdog and a pop.

My brother recently moved to Ames and my boys always love to see their Uncle, Aunt and Cousins. So, they too bought tickets.

It was a beautiful day, the band dressed up in Halloween costumes which was really amusing and it was a Cyclone victory. I had some horrible things happen that were work related and ended up checking emails quite often during the game, but learned a valuable lesson from it. So as long as a lesson is learned, it's not a mistake.

After the game, we rushed back to Des Moines for trick or treating. Needless to say, the kids were exhausted. But it was a great day as a family.

We took a few pictures and now ALL of my boys can say they've been to an Iowa State game. I think we'll have to go to many more. They LOVED it. Go CYCLONES!
Baby's First Iowa State Game

Daddy and Sean--All smiles!

Can you find Waldo? He's in there!

Beautiful fall day in Iowa

Brendan started snoozing at Halftime. What a trooper!

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Emma Rittgers said...

The picture of Sean and then the last of Brendan are so cute! Go Clones!