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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Four Years...

Four years ago on Thursday, David and I married. Since then, we've moved three times, survived a year long deployment to Iraq, had a total of 5 job changes and added two little boys to our family. What a crazy four years!

I do recall how I felt on our first anniversary. Dave was in Iraq and I was trying NOT to remember that it was our anniversary. I watched football with my sister in laws and tried to keep my mind off of the fact that my husband was thousands of miles away, in danger, and he'd be there for many more months. If you want to read that post, feel free.  One Year Anniversary Post

This year was different. While he still had to work, I didn't have to worry about mortars, gunfire or roadside bombs. I knew I could call him and he'd answer. He brought roses home after work and since the boys were in bed, we actually had a chance to talk in peace.

I think that our first year was our hardest. Surviving that deployment was so hard, but it made us stronger. I don't take it for granted that he'll be next to me when I wake up...because for a year, he wasn't.

It's been a great but busy four years...and I look forward to the next forty.


Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Found your blog at The Mom Blogs... just dropping by!
Happy 4th Anniversary! I hope for more years of happiness and 'togetherness' for you and your hubby!

Mrs. Bowman said...

Thanks for finding me and reading Charlotte!