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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh! The HAIR-manity!!!--Love Thursday

Liam's always had hair. This kid had a full head of hair when he was born. When I was pregnant, I always said that my kid wouldn't have his/her first haircut until he/she was two.

Yeah. That happened.

Liam had his first haircut, if I remember correctly, shortly before our wedding (I wrote it down in his baby book). He was 10 months old at our wedding, folks. 10 months. Since then, his hair has done nothing but grow...and's just too cute.

But after getting Dave's note about how his son needs a haircut and getting grief from family and friends about his hair, I figured it did need cut.

Then I got the note from daycare today. His morning disposition? He was a good girl....yep. That did it. He was getting a haircut.

For comparison reasons, the picture below was taken about THREE weeks ago. This is his hair in the morning...notice it is sticking STRAIGHT UP. Yeah...bed head.

So after a short detour around the Valley Junction Farmer's Market (I had googled "kid hair cut" and some place came up on 5th street...but the market had the street closed) I found a great clips on our way home.

Liam started to fuss at the beginning, but once he saw the fish on the kiddie apron, he was cool.

And now he can see.

When did my little baby boy become such a handsome little man???

Love is realizing that your little boy needs to become a little man...even if it means cutting off those cute little curls (but they will grow back, right??)

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Katie said...

Wow!!! What a great cut! :)