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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Things I'm learning...Part 2--Post Office Edition

See? I told you I'm learning a lot.

1. Flat rate boxes are a life (and bank account) saver.

Counting the boxes I'm dropping off tonight, I'll have sent 6 packages to Iraq already. Six. In less than a month. I think I'm doing pretty good as a wife. :) And considering the flat rate boxes cost 8.95, no matter how much you pack into them (just as long as they don't bulge) it's really saved our pocketbook too.

2. I really CAN pack. I just didn't know it.

Maybe we could call this 1.b, because it is kind of along the same lines. I had no idea I could fit so many pictures, dvd's(because I take them out of their cases), books, papers, drink mixes etc etc etc. into a box. Creative packing...that's all I've got to say.

3. Don't let the toddler near the boxes while packing.

I wouldn't be suprised if Dave called to tell me that one of Liam's cars ended up in Iraq. Liam's always pulling things out/putting things into the boxes when I'm trying to find the customs form/find more things to put in the box/clean up Liam's previous mess. I've learned I just have to sit down with all of my items, THEN put the box together, THEN pack it. No breaks in between. Because Lighting McQueen might end up over there...and heaven forbid we have to wait the shipping time for it to come back!!

4. The people at the post office already know me.
I go to the same post office after work when I have a package to send. And the postal employees have started asking me how he They wave and smile when they see me now and know that when I come in, our transaction will always end with, "Can I get a few more of the flat rate boxes?"

Well, time to fill out those oh, so fun custom forms!

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