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Monday, August 6, 2007

Sending mail or e-mail to David....

As I mentioned earlier, David and I talked about the mail/e-mail method of contacting David during his recent few days of leave. It had been brought to our attention that there were a few family members/friends who were not happy with this decision. After talking to each other, talking to his other buddies in his unit (who are doing the same thing), and talking to the commander (who suggested that only one family member have the address), he's decided to keep his method he decided on in May.

So, if you would like to mail anything to David, please mail it to my home address where I will send it off in a large package. I'm looking to mail him at least a few times a month so he has some mail from home to look forward to.

I understand that this may frustrate some. I apologize for that, but I feel that it is of utmost importance to honor my husband's wishes at this time. Please do not question me about his decision, it has been made. David has enough on his plate right now and he doesn't need to worry about family being frustrated about his decision. Please respect it. I also have a lot on my plate right now. This is a VERY emotional time for us all. Please respect my husbands wishes so that I may respect his wishes.

As for e-mail, while overseas, Dave's been told (again, by the Commander) that his e-mail account cannot accept any e-mail from anything but an AKO account (security reasons). So, a few weeks ago, he set me up on one (he was allowed to set up an account for a dependent and since Liam can't type yet..he set me up on one). If you would like to e-mail David, please contact me and let me know so I can e-mail you my military e-mail address and send it on.

Please be assured that I will not be reading anyone's e-mails or letters to David. That is NOT the point of this system. It is to make sure that David does not get anything that might get him into trouble, to condense the items he has to carry with him and to make this deployment as easy on him as possible.

Please respect these decisions that David has made so we can make this deployment as easy on him as possible.

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