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Friday, August 24, 2007

Love Thursday...Foto Friday...Update from Dave....

Hey, I'm a busy woman. Cut me some slack.

Dave is at his base in Iraq, and has started a mission. I haven't heard from him since Wednesday, and I'm hoping to hear from him soon. That being said, he needs phone cards...bad. They still don't have an easy form of internet (one that doesn't require standing in line for an hour or more) but they plan on getting one soon.

As of right now, our only form of communication is phone. If you would like to help out, please send an AT&T phone card to me so I can give Dave the code #'s on the back.

I will be sending a package to Dave today and one next week. If there is anything you'd like to send him, please send it to me.

I thought I'd share this touching picture of Dave and Liam, just hanging out on Dave's bunk at Fort McCoy.

Love is just relaxing with your son and husband...not thinking about the year ahead...just enjoying each other.

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