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Friday, August 10, 2007

Love Thursday/Funny Fhoto Friday...

It's a two for one deal...

When Liam and I went up to visit Dave, I finally had the chance to try on his armor that he's been complaining about for the last few months. He was always saying, "This HAS to be worse than pregnancy!!" Really? Let's see. And I told him I'd put it on if he agreed to wear a sympathy belly the next time I'm pregnant. And it was a deal.

So I put it on. Sure, its heavy, but its EVEN weight...not all out front. It doesn't make your hips ache and there is no one kicking you from the inside when you're trying to sleep.

So it's nothing like pregnancy. Now I can't wait for Dave to get home and get a picture of him with the sympathy belly on...LOL.

Love is the ability to be goofy with your husband...just before saying "See you in a few months".

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