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Friday, August 24, 2007

He called!! He called!!

David called today and said he was able to purchase a calling card which was only .04 a minute...WAY better money-wise!! He's able to re-charge this card too, which is great!!

He thanks everyone for their well wishes (parents, cousins, siblings, aunts, get the idea) and apologizes that he isn't online as of yet. They're working on it (to the tune of $50/month per guy--$100 for start up fee) but it'll be worth it.

He also said that he's pretty sure he can recieve non-military e-mails (apparently they loosened the rules), so if you'd like his military e-mail address, please contact me and I can send it to you.

He does have a few rules though:


If you send him a forward, he may block you. He's serious about this, folks.

Again, this could cause you to be blocked.

3. Keep it clean.
Remember, we don't want him to lose his internet privledges.

4. No "doom and gloom" aka "Save the drama for yo' mama".
He knows that we can't sugar-coat life. However, anything that's going on at home, he really can't do anything about. So it's best not to mention things beyond his control or things that will make him worry. He's got enough going on over there...he doesn't need to worry about a fender bender or runny nose.

5. Don't be offended if he doesn't write you back.
He's a busy, busy guy. And he's not too fond of typing. So he may write you back...he may not. Don't be offended. Heck, I'm his wife and he has yet to respond to ANY of my e-mails. :)

So those are the rules, folks...from Dave's mouth to our blog.

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