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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love Thursday...Playing in Water...

Dave and I are both swimmers. We both love to swim. We haven't done it lately...but when we can, we race against each other. It's fun. That being said, Liam was destined to be a swimmer.

And he's already blowing bubbles in the water--being a former swim lesson instructor, this was really exciting for me because it is the first thing one must do when learning to swim...I was so excited that he wasn't afraid of the water!!

Last weekend, Liam and I went back to Glidden for Father's Day. Liam had fun with "Papa and Ma'am" (my dad and mom) and on Sunday, Uncle Tom, Crystal, Mitchell and Matthew came to visit! I pulled out the Cars water mat and they had a blast.

Love is seeing your son enjoying something that both you and your husband love.

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