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Friday, June 22, 2007

Funny Fhoto Friday....Beckett and David....

David and I adopted Beckett from my Aunt and Uncle when Beckett was 6 weeks old. He had an overbite (which is rare in cats) and the vet said its a good thing we got him from the farm, because he takes longer to eat than other cats. He probably wouldn't have lasted very long out there.

David named Beckett. His full name is "Samuel Beckett the cat". Beckett for short. Dave always wanted a "Samuel Beckett *insert animal type here*". Dave's favorite play is "Waiting for Godot". Hence the name. And yes, he's aware of Quantum Leap, but that's not who Beckett is named after.

Dave and Beckett are best friends. When we were at the apartment, Beckett would follow Dave around. We were conviced that Beckett was convinced that he was a dog.

I only have a few pictures of Beckett, but I did include one in Dave's picture book that I sent for father's day. He was excited to see Beckett again, and he just loves this picture.

So here's Beckett watching Dave eat he always did.

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