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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Teaching the Importance of Voting

As parents, we have many important roles. We are the first and most important teachers our children will have. My husband and I believe it is important to teach our children why voting is so important. Liam already knows, because last night I told him that "we had to go to bed early, so we could get up early and vote. And then we'll watch exit polls and election results." Liam exclaimed, "YAY! EXIT POLLS!" I was proud.

Being from military families, we know the price of voting. David served in Iraq. His Dad served in Vietnam, he had one Grandfather who served in WWII and the other Grandfather in Korea. My Grandfather served in WWII. We're a militarily strong family. And we know the cost of freedom and the price for the right to vote. So we vote in every election.

We always take the kids with us to the polls. Yes, we're those parents. We explain to the kids about the ballot, the secrecy folder, filling in the circle for who we choose to vote for and finally we have them help us slide our ballot into the machine. We talk about the elections all year and voting for about a week before the election.

We let them stay up late on election night. Again, we're those parents. In a General Election, Liam keeps a notepad of electoral votes, votes needed to win and votes per state. Not only is it teaching him the electoral system, but math as well. In mid-term elections he has a list of candidates and follows exit polls and results.

And, of course, for each child's first election, we take a picture of them with the ballot. This year is no exception.

Children do what they see their parents do. Be an example and vote. Take your kids with you. Make them feel included. It's their country, too. 

Happy Voting!

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Niki Hampton said...

I, too, am the only woman in the house (cats and all lol). I really connected to this post because I've been working on ways to teach our boys about the world around them at a level they understand. I love that you take your kids to the polls. I live in a mail in ballot state, so our boys are able to be involved in that process.