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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Perfect Summer Dessert--Oreo Pie!!

My husband enjoys looking at my cooking magazines. I'm convinced he likes to find the most difficult recipe and then ask me to make it. I've succeeded on occasion but I've also horribly failed. Horribly. Some recipes have made it into our rotation, some I believe the CDC would have given a half-life before covering in concrete.

While I was in the hospital after delivering Brendan, Dave went to the cafeteria and came back with a HUGE piece of Oreo pie. It was delicious. Yes, you read that right. Hospital food=delicious. At least this was. So I tried to do what my mom is so successful at doing. I tried to "back engineer" (my dad's term) the dessert. And then I googled, found a recipe, tweaked it a bit and voila! The best Oreo pie ever.

Don't believe me? See the pictures below. Maybe if you're lucky I'll bring it as a dish to a barbecue.

And a single serving slice...
YUM!!!  Sean devoured it. Liam passed on the Oreo pie and requested a Go-Gurt. I was glad he chose the healthier option...but really? If your mom offered you this when you were four, would you opt for a yogurt?

Now tell me this doesn't look good....



Jason and Tara said...

I think you should email me the recipe you used =)

Suzanne said...

Wow! What a health conscious child! I have one son that would ask for the go-gurt and one that would have seconds of the pie and a husband who would eat the yogurt OR the pie.

The pie looks yummy!