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Friday, July 2, 2010

He's a climber!

For the last few months, people have been telling me "Oh my! THREE BOYS!?! You're sure going to have your hands full."

Uh, yeah. I kind of know that. Because I already DO have my hands full. From the moment Sean could roll over, he was trying to figure out how to crawl. From the moment he crawled he wanted to walk and there was maybe a day before he figured out how to run. Now? Climbing. He can't quite reach the things big brother can, therefore, he must climb to get them.

And Sean has no fear. What so ever. And he will climb anything. Even if the item he wants to climb isn't climb-able.

See the video below. He climbed the ball toy at my parent's house. It isn't built for a climber...but that doesn't matter to Sean. He's going to climb it. And then dance on it. Because that's what you do...

Yes. Hands. Full. And baby on the way.

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