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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Going home...

I realized I never posted about Brendan's coming home! I always forget how little they are when they are born. We had to reset our straps on our car seat...Brendan was not a fan.
And, of course, I had the ride down to the car...David pushing the cart o' stuff behind.

We set up the "big brother's" present, which included taking down the Cars items on Liam's wall and replacing it with the "Fat head Woody" I was able to snag on kid's woot a few months back.
They also got a Buzz (Sean) and Woody (Liam) doll and Liam got a Hulk Smash game...also from kid's woot.

When Ma'am and Papa brought the boys home, chaos ensued. My breastpump that I've been using to up my supply/create a stash turned into a garage one night.

And Daddy got the two older boys dressed up for a comic book convention one Saturday.

And, a la Kids in the Hall style, Liam was crushing Brendan's head.
Welcome to the chaos that is the Bowman Household, Brendan. You've already learned how to "play possum" when your brothers (mainly Sean) are around. You learn quick. Pretend to be asleep and they'll leave you alone.

Even if "Spidey sense" says you're awake...right, Spider-Sean?

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