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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Expectations of President Obama

Obama won a second term. While I'm not pleased with the results, it is what it is. That being said, as an American citizen, I'd like to lay out my expectations for President Obama.

1. Transparency. We were promised a transparent Obama Administration in 2008 and we don't have it. I'd like to see the transparency we were promised.

2. A budget. I expect our Country to have a budget, just as every American family must have. President Obama, please call Harry Reid and get this done.

3. The truth of what happened in Libya. The election is over and you don't need to sugar coat anything anymore. Please, just be honest with the American people and tell us what really happened in Libya.

4. Replace Eric Holder as Attorney General. This is pretty self explanatory.

5. Cut the deficit. President Obama, you promised to cut the deficit in half back in 2008. Our National debt has increased to 16 trillion. And when I say cut the deficit, I mean the deficit amount you promised to cut in half back in 2008, not the one you just inherited from...well, yourself.

6. Respect the American public...not just those who voted for you. Please, respect ALL Americans.

7. Go to your meetings. This really shouldn't be that hard and shouldn't have to be said....but I guess it does. 

8. And last but not least, UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, don't try to wiggle your way around it. We have a great system in place.

These are the expectations I have off of the top of my head after a long night watching results. You've just inherited a big mess from yourself. Get a mop and roll up your sleeves. And please, cut back on the rounds of golf.

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