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Thursday, February 10, 2011

We're Mobile!

As if I wasn't busy enough with the preschooler and toddler, Baby B has decided he needs to be just as active as his brothers. He realized a week and a half ago that he could roll to where he wanted to be. I'd set him down in one place, come back a minute later and have to play "find the baby". Thankfully he can't go far in our small house.

But now? He's mastered the forward Army crawl. Sean never Army crawled, he went from rolling to crawling, so there was never the need to break out the Baby Legs.

We're going to have to find them again in our baby stash to prevent rug burn on Brendan's fat little leggies. If you've never used them before, you should get at least one pair. I love them. They also help with the little gap that always occurs between the jeans and socks.

I can't believe my baby is almost crawling. He's growing up faster than the first two!!

Here's a short video of Brendan doing his thing. And of Sean explaining how excited he is for the Superbowl. :)

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