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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sooo very tired

This has been the longest week ever. Between snowpocalypse, Dave's crazy work schedule, having three crazy boys stuck in the house and Baby B getting his first two teeth, I'm exhausted.

Brendan is discovering the power of these new found teeth. And he bites while nursing. And pulls. And when I tell him "no", he laughs. *sigh* We introduced solids to him, the traditional homemade sweet potato and breast milk puree. He did really well with it.

Liam decided one morning this week that he could draw things that actually resemble something. He pulled out his Little Einsteins Create a Masterpiece Doodler and drew a picture of the family.

Well, it kind of looked like the family. Sean was flying over everyone's head, or so I've been told. I'm pretty proud that his "people" now have eyes and bodies. 

Sean has decided he's ready for the potty. Of course, he sees big brother going potty in the potty and knows he uses the Cars potty seat. He likes to put it on the lid of the toilet when he's ready to use it. We've had a few pee pee's in the potty. He will walk in there and yell when he's ready to go. Of course we praise him when he's done...and then he usually wants nothing to do with his diaper and runs off naked. *sigh* I'm sure getting my exercise chasing after him, tackling him and wrestling the diaper on him!

So let's recap. Liam draws, Sean pees and Brendan bites. Throw in my husband's crazy schedule and a blizzard and you've got one exhausted mama. 
Emma and I are going out for "Girl's Night Out" tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. But, before I can go, I have to do some food prep for the Superbowl, clean the place and tackle the growing pile of laundry that needs folded.

A mom's job is never done.

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