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Monday, February 21, 2011

Have You Ever Stopped to Look at a Snowflake?

To be honest, I don't know if I ever have. Until today. It was a comment from a friend of mine in Atlanta who made a comment about how it was snowing and she then realized why the snowflake cut outs in paper were the way they were.

Growing up in Iowa and trudging through the snow year after year, you probably think it's strange that I've never stopped to actually look at a snowflake.

Maybe it's a "forest for the trees" thing.

But in the craziness of the day, husband off to work, no school for Liam because of President's Day, three busy boys vs. one tired mom, blog posts to write, book reviews to do....I looked outside.

And it was snowing. So I ventured out on the deck and looked. With a school board meeting looming a few hours away and the barn on the brain, I took a deep breath of the cold crisp air and I looked at the snowflakes.

Different shapes, different sizes. Unique. It helped to clear my mind of all of the clutter I had in there...all of the thoughts, deadlines, things that needed to be done....

And just took time to look at the snowflakes.

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