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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mailing to David...

Hey all! I thought I would let you all know how you can mail letters etc. to David.

I have discussed this before here but I thought I would remind everyone.

If you want to mail anything to David, it has been HIS request that you give the items to me. You can mail them to my address. If you do not have it, please e-mail or call me.

They've been told to appoint only ONE person to be the "contact" for the soldier. This one person is the ONLY person with the mailing address of the soldier. It also helps with OPSEC guidelines -the fewer people that know the address, the less chance of "loose lips sink ships".

Once the wife, parent, sibling, whoever the soldier appoints as the contact person, has a full box of items from family and friends, the contact person ships the box over.

David has been told (as have I by the Army) that this system works well. By decreasing the volume of mail soldiers recieve (ie letters) the mail (boxes) will get to them faster. It makes sense.

I've talked to a couple of soldiers who've been "over there" and they said they started getting their boxes much faster when everyone in their Unit started to use this system.

I know how much you all care for David and his safety. I also understand how much you would like to correspond with him. Please respect his wishes. It'll make this deployment a lot easier on all of us.

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