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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Day, Last Day, First Grade

I can't believe it. I'm a mom of a second grader. When did that happen? It seems just yesterday I was 10 days overdue and going to the hospital to be induced. At that point, I thought I was going to be pregnant with William (Liam) forever.

He just finished his last day of first grade. He has made me so proud already. He was my rock, my buddy, my friend, when he was only 1.5 when Daddy deployed. He grew up, faster than any 2 year old should have to during that year.

He made an impression on his preschool teacher, so much so, that she and I are still friends on Facebook.

He voluntarily participated in a Science Fair last year AND this year.

He earned more "golden tickets" for going above and beyond in his classroom than I can count.

He loves his Faith Formation classes and can't wait for next year when he receives the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion.

He's a great big brother and handles change well. Including the arrival of three younger brothers.

He is such a good kid. He is so smart, so funny, so clever.

But in Second Grade? How? When?

I tried to pick out clothing that he would fit into so we could have "bookend" pictures for the first day and the last day. As you can imagine, his first day was busy, because after we put him on the bus, we dropped his younger brothers off at Grandma's house and welcomed Baby Harry that afternoon.

As kids do, his shorts no longer fit, his shoes no longer fit, but his shirt does.

I can't believe how he's grown, how much has changed in our family, in just one school year.

It was rather bright that morning. Next year I'll try to get a picture without the little brothers.

Last day. New shorts, new shoes...but my, how he's grown.

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