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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Really Bob Vander Plaats? Really?

On Sunday over at Mommy's Recess I went out on a limb and wrote Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman...and Bob VanderPlaats. Writing this was scary and refreshing for me. I risked making friends and family angry at me. But I needed to say it. I needed to be honest with myself and my fellow Conservatives.

After I posted it, GOP candidates started refusing to sign it. Now I'm not saying that it was MY blog that made them not sign it....just that I was relieved others had the same opinion as me. When the vow debuted, The Family Leader, led by Bob Vander Plaats of Sioux City, has said it won’t endorse any candidate who doesn’t sign the vow.

And that's just lame. Withholding an endorsement because they won't sign your pledge? Come on. Bob, I was impressed that you and your campaign ousted the State Supreme Court judges. But I'm afraid that gave you too big of a head. Sorry, Bob, but you are not the end-all-be-all spokesperson for Conservative Republicans in Iowa.  Believe it or not, we CAN think for ourselves. I still respect you, I do. But you're starting to lose some rank in my book. Bring it down a notch, Bob.

This morning I read VanderPlaats say, “I never have given much weight to endorsements,” Vander Plaats, CEO of the conservative non-profit The Family Leader, said Friday. Now, he was saying that in response to an article calling him a influential supporter. Maybe he's eating some humble pie? I don't know. Threatening you won't endorse people and then saying you don't put weight in endorsements? You can't have it both ways, Bob.

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