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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Bonus For Being the Only Female in the Family...

You've heard me talk about having all boys. Living in a home of men. Yes, I always check the toilet seat and even bathe with Aquaman.

While we were out shopping at Target last night, I had a revelation. When we go shopping, it is the ONLY time I can go into a bathroom and not have to worry about someone coming in. The restrooms are separate and as much as my husband tries to convince me, I AM using the Women's room...not the family room!!

It's those few minutes of peace and quiet that makes grocery shopping with three kids under the age of 6 manageable.

That being said, the picture below was a source of humor for Liam (who can now read--and knows what words he cannot say). Ummm Target? Might want to rethink the abbreviation.
Peace and quiet. Found in the bathroom at Target.

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call_me_ps said...

That's the worst part about having girls. I'm on bathroom duty ALWAYS when we're out and about. :-/

Emma said...

LOL! So true! I cannot wait for daddy to have to take him.