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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Come On Over to Adventureland...You're Gonna Have a Rain Filled Day!

Every two years my dad gets free tickets to Adventureland through his employer, Pella. This has been a family tradition since I was in high school. It was Sean and Brendan's first time to Adventureland. Liam had been looking forward to it for months so when we got up Saturday morning and saw it was raining, we were bummed. Mom wasn't sure if she was coming and Tom's clan might not make it either.

I finally convinced mom that they should come and Tom's family decided to come too. Even though it was raining, we all had a great time. It was a little chilly but we dressed for the occasion. It was also "Nickelodeon's Day of Play" so we actually participated in it!

You can hear the raindrops hitting the umbrella, but since most of the kid rides are covered, they were happy little guys!
 The boys riding on the carousel  and Riding with our cousins.

Liam even rode the Dragon and the Outlaw, two big rollercoasters...we were amazed he was tall enough to go on them...he didn't know what to expect with the Dragon but enjoyed it.

We are already looking forward to going again!

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