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Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Glimpse of 10 Minutes in our House....

Your house must be busy!!! Friends, you have no idea.

Tonight we went out to eat. After we got home from Chili's, David decided he was going to go out and get some Oreo ice cream sandwiches. Sure, I'll watch the kids if you get ice cream and I can take my work clothes off...bad idea.

Liam was occupying one bathroom, Sean was in the other. Harry heard the door to the garage open and took off after Dave. I sprinted (keep in mind I was mid-clothed--pants/bra) after Harry. I grabbed him before he got too far in to the garage and carried him back in the house...only to hear B yelling that he had "to pee willy willy bad-wee" (keep in mind both bathrooms were busy).

So I did what any mom would do--grabbed him, raced him to the sink and told him he could pee in the bathroom sink. Honestly, I'd rather clean a sink than cleaning pee on the floor. I had to hold him up over the sink and B thought it was the funniest he laughed...and then he farted...right on my bare stomach.

I heard the other bathroom flush, so I told B to hold it and go pee in the other bathroom, only to look over and see Sean STANDING on the toilet seat. He wasn't done yet, he just felt like standing up. I got Sean to sit down, admit that he was done and I cleaned him up.

Once I finished that, Harry had gotten into a bag of popcorn, given it to B, who was apparently finished, and walking around wearing only his socks, eating popcorn.

Dave called to let me know he was on his way home because they didn't have the ice cream he wanted. He was gone for MAYBE 10 minutes, folks. And I still didn't get ice cream.

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Susan said...

You're a good mom Ms. Sarah:)