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Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh the Attitude....

This morning I read FireMom's post on The 1st Time Kindergarten Made Me Feel Stupid (But Likely Not the Last) and I chuckled. Well, not so much chucked but all out laughed. Because I've had the "dumbass" tone from my kindergartener as well.

And I wonder if Ms. Z (his teacher) has to deal with it too.

The first week of school, Liam came home saying he was "SOOOO BOOOORED." I asked why and he said, "They think I don't know math and stuff."

Yes, Liam. We know you're smart. I tried to tell him that the first few weeks the teacher just needed to see where the other students are at. "Not everyone knows math, Liam."

A few days later, he came home with the same attitude as a teenager. "Ms. Z thinks she knows EVERYTHING. But she doesn't."

Oh Lord. I thought I'd have at least 8 years before this attitude started.

However, he has been bringing home "tiger paws" which I believe are like gold stars. Everytime he does something good, he gets a tiger paw. He says he has "21 tiger paws....the MOST in my class."

I've raised a smart bragger. I suppose there are worse things, right?

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