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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Love Thursday....Halloween....

I apologize that this blog has been MIA the last few weeks. We've been busy!

I decided that this year would be my one and only year that I could pick out the Halloween costume. Here on out, Liam will probably be a superhero of some sort (like he was super-baby last year).

I chose a monkey costume. I call him "Monkey" because...well, he is. So I set out (over a month ago) to find the cutest monkey costume. And I got it.

Doesn't he make a cute monkey?? The best part is that I'm shipping the toy monkey to Iraq so A. Dave can never say I won't let him have a monkey and
B. So he can feel like he was apart of the Halloween. Plus it gives him something to cuddle with. :)

Liam enjoyed trick or treating. And he LOVES M&M's. Here's a short video I was able to take with my camera....enjoy!

Love is trick or treating with your almost two year old (how did that happen??) and knowing that next year, Daddy will take him.

1 comment:

Tim said...

Hooray for the Monkey! Next year he should go as a mini Darth Vader.